Dublin City Wedding – Mere & Will

May 30, 2018

Dublin City Wedding – Mere & Will – Medley Fleet St

Wedding Date: April 2018

Mere (short for Meredith, rhymes with Terry) & Will (short for – and I’m presuming here – William, rhymes with KILL) – contenders for the best people of all time award. From my very first meeting with these guys I was hooked. We chatted about Stanley Kubrick, Jon Ronson & Architecture, and probably a little bit about their wedding day which they were planning from Australia. Plan was…

  1. Find an AMAZING airbnb. Like actually the coolest airbnb in Dublin.
  2. Get ready together there. No bridal party, no family.
  3.  Once ready, pop out to the city centre for 90 minutes and have the best time ever with a photographer with unusual hair (was so delighted to be on their shortlist) getting shots.
  4. Get married at a ceremony in Medley Restaurant on Fleet Street, surrounded by friends and family.
  5. FUN
  6. Maybe do something with a €40 smoke machine.
  7. Profit?

No idea if no.7 worked out but we checkboxed the hell out of the rest of the above. This sounds like fluff but I could have spent Groundhog Day shooting these peope and their friends. Just look at the genuine FUN on display below, from morning to night it was incredible. Very happy to have made some new friends (actual proper non-facebook friends if you move back to Ireland guys, c’mon!) These guys are so sound they actually sent me birthday presents (all relating to brutalist architecture, obvs). Proud as punch (sidenote, why is punch proud?) to share this incredible day. Without a doubt one of the proudest I’ve ever been to share.

Funny story about the smoke machine. It cost €40 but it was surprisingly effective. I set it up with an off-camera flash behind it for the shots at the end which worked great. Except it set the fire alarm off. (see last picture for reaction). Totally worth it.

Vendor Links:

Venue/Catering: Medley Fleet Street

Flowers: Flowers By Mee

Hair: Colleen at Chumba Concept Salon

Makeup: Zoe Clarke

Shoes: Shoes of Prey

Dress: SDG East London

Will’s Suit: Oscar Hunt Tailors

Engagement/Wedding Ring – Luke Parsons

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