Best Wedding Videographers in Ireland – 2021

February 4, 2021



Over the course of shooting over 200 weddings as a Dublin Wedding Photographer, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best wedding videographers in Ireland. Whether you’ve already booked me to shoot your wedding, or you’ve secured a different photographer, I really hope you’ll find this list useful.

I should point out that this list is HEAVILY weighted towards my working relationship with all of these videographers. By which mean – did they add to the positive atmosphere and were they fun and easy to work with? I believe their work speaks for itself but you will want to contact your favourites and watch a few more films before you make up your mind.

For this list I only selected videographers I have worked with multiple times. There are so many brilliant videographers I’ve only had the chance to work with once and I’ll be sure to update the list when I get to work with them again.

How much does a wedding videographer cost?

A survey published by One Fab Day found that the average price of hiring a wedding videographer was between €2000 and €4000. Needless to say you will be easily able to find videographers at lower price points for this but you would need to be careful to investigate their experience and quality of work.

Does a videographer make your job harder or easier?

Working with a brilliant videgrapher, such as any included below, makes my job easier in that I will have a creative partner throughout the day. We will work together to get the best final product in both photo and video and be able to bounce ideas off each other and even troubleshoot together if any issues were to come up.

Sure, sometimes there’s only so much space in a location to get the best shot and I have to be careful as much as possible to not get in their shots but that’s part of the job. If you are hiring both a photographer and videographer then slightly more time might need to be budgeted for when it comes to the couples shoot. To find out about my own approach for the couples shoot and every other element of how I work, please get in touch.

List of Best Wedding Videographers in Ireland

Dear Oliver

Elegant and emotional cinematography for modern couples. 

Matthew produces stunning, high-end work and is such a positive presence on your wedding day while managing to be totally unobtrusive. 

Web | Insta

Dreamcatcher Films

You want EPIC? You want Dreamcatcher Films. You’ll only need to spend a few moments looking at their work to see why they made this list. Gavin is an absolute character and LOVES what he does and always has a great team working with him. 

Web | Insta


Easily one of the most loved videographers in Ireland. Emma is a joy and the most discreet (read – stealthy) filmmakers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I’ve worked with Emma so many times now and not only is she a delight to work with she is, in my opinion, THE most discreet videographer in the country. Emma captures everything so effortlessly and you would barely know she’s there. Often to be spotted hiding behind trees. 

Web | Insta

Follow Your Arrow Films

Cinematic Documentary films, Kevin. His work is romantic and timeless. I found Kevin really easy to work with and like me he was able to act really quickly to unexpected challenges. 

Web | Insta

Martin Healy

Another very well liked videographer amongst Irish wedding photographers, Martin is an absolute gent. Always upbeat and completely discreet in his approach to filmmaking. Just a great guy to have with you on your wedding day. 

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Hitched Films

What to say about the incredible filmmaking team behind Hitched Films. Working with Eoin and Sue is such a delight and I’m happy to count them both as good friends too. They make breathtakingly cinematic films, often incorporating narrative threads with interview segments. Their work speaks for itself, check it out below. 

Web | Insta

Irish Eye Wedding Videos

Irish Eye are an IPPVA award winning team that combine portraiture and candid documentary to create authentic and artistic wedding films.

Web | Insta

Little Bear

Kevin is such a great storyteller and a warm and encouraging presence on your wedding day. I’ve worked with Kevin several times now and I always know I’m in for a treat and I’ll have a supportive, collaborative presence to bounce ideas off, we work really well together. 

Web | Insta

Keith Malone

Keith has established himself as one of the most sought after videographers in the country. With many years of experience, you’re in great hands with Keith. He offers wedding videography for discerning couples and is wonderful to work with.

Web | Insta

Shane Prunty

Shane is absolutely fantastic to work with and really great fun. He is incredibly discreet, merging seamlessly into the day and shooting mostly documentary style, yet produces stunning, artistic films.

web | insta

Richard Speedie – Big Day

Richard has actually produced a fantastic brochure video below which means I don’t even have to think of anything to say about him, he does it all himself, lol. A true professional with many years of experience, Richard has hosted several popular sold out workshops for wedding professionals.

Web | Insta

Vow Art

Tom is absolute treasure. A very creative and artistic filmmaker and winner of best dressed Videographer in Ireland (an award I just came up with now, but he deserves it). A true artist and without question one of the best videographers in Ireland.

Web | Insta

Some of the best wedding videographers in Ireland I’d love to work with…

A few other videographers I haven’t had the pleasure to work with yet that I would love to:

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